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Universe and AI

I read recently that physicists working with Microsoft presented theory that we may live in a Universe that is a self-learning computer. The laws of physics may be changed in time and we may never be able to unify them.

After centuries of mind-bending thoughts, we may re-discover the old truth that even on the most fundamental level the only thing constant… is change. Biological species are evolving, mutating and adapting. Maybe just as the Universe itself.

The concept of reality as a computation (simulation if you prefer) can explain the phenomena related to quantum mechanics or…

The AI of the future will be native to both the physical and digital world

The last year was quite intense for me, as together with my partners — I successfully raised Pre-seed funding for our startup — AGICortex. And believe me, it was not an easy task to convince people that we will change how Artificial Intelligence is done forever while having in hand only results of our research and some proof-of-concept demos.

But now, in 2021 when we are slowly coming out of the shadows — we believe in it even more. Let me share some of our findings that led to defining our company’s long-term strategy: using local data processing (edge devices)…

What if we would aim to build whole Artificial Brains instead of just Neural Networks?

AI is currently very, very stupid(…)” — Andrew Moore, VP of AI for Google Cloud

My view is throw it all away and start again” — Geoff Hinton, Google Brain

A few years ago I heard that some math professor does not “believe” in Artificial Intelligence. It almost made me angry, or at least amazed. At that time I was already very excited about the topic. And soon it became my obsession.

Yes, obsession is the right word. I am pretty obsessive and usually don’t stop until I get the satisfying results of my work. Ever tried to imagine h̶u̶n̶d̶r̶e̶d̶s̶…

„You waste years, by not being able to waste hours” — Amos Tversky

I started with one of my favorite quotes because it sums up elegantly the optimal approach to doing research.

There is not a single moment in time when we should stop questioning our ways of doing things, the current state of science or even the whole world.

People in the past sometimes thought that what could be discovered has already been revealed, and what we can do is simply describe it in more detail.

They were terribly wrong.

And if you are an authority because of your…

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To not question things is to agree to stay in the same place. Often during that process, your mind can go to wrong directions. But still, you can learn a lot, during the exploration of uncharted territories of the human potential.

Excuse me that I will move away from the main topic for a moment, but first I want to share something.

More than 10 years ago I started to learn in a hard way what is the power of continuous effort. I suffered from an unusual health ailment that made basic things problematic like walking, breathing and sleeping. …

Maciej Wolski

Founder of AGICortex. Futurist. Independent AGI researcher. Neuroscience enthusiast. Extreme learning machine. A book author. Python/Julia developer.

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